So, You Want to Start A Big Small Business

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So you decided to start a business?  Are you having trouble figuring out what you do and do not need?  A lot of the information available for Entrepreneurs is geared towards the individuals who are thinking of starting a big small business.  Now I know what you’re thinking, how can you start a big small business? Well it’s easy; a lot of data available talks in terms of having an actual physical business, having employees, etc.  However, there are a lot of people who want to start a small business with just themselves and perhaps one other person.  Even with the wealth of information accessible trying to find the appropriate materials to accomplish is very hard.

That is why I am writing this article.  Currently I am operating two businesses, an Event Planning Business and a Consulting Business.  Aside from the few affiliates I have, I do not own a building nor I do have employees, and I run everything from my home office.

In this article you will find some tips and ideas to help you better organize your business.

Tip #1:    Basic forms needed for starting your business.

The forms listed are easy to make and design.  You can do it by Googling the name of the form, or you can use the different programs in such office software programs as Microsoft Office.  Remember all these forms should be created on your letterhead (if you don’t have a letterhead template created that you can easily change, consider contacting Elizabeth Jamey Consulting.  EJC will create a customized letter head which your business will be able to manipulate and change as your business grows.)  However, should you decide to create them yourself, you can easily create them in a Microsoft Office program, buy quality paper , then take them to a printing company to have them printed.  It should be noted, most printing companies are a lot cheaper than going through a customized website that designs and prints them for you.

  •         Invoice
  •         Purchase Order
  •         Client Information Form
  •         Cover Letter
  •         Confidentiality Agreement
  •         Budget Form – Geared towards either an event or a particular project
  •         Credit Sheet
  •         Price Quote
  •         Lead Form – This is for leads that you may receive
  •         Networking Form – This is for when you meet people that may be potential clients
  •         Contract
  •         Client Questions
  •         Fax Cover Sheet

Tip #2:      Begin looking for sites which will enable you to do networking.

I find MeetUps, is a very good site.  Not only can you do personal networking but you can also do business networking.  A good business owner knows all meetings can be turned into a potential client.

Tip #3:    Don’t be afraid to branch out and try something new.

Every opportunity can be turned into a business opportunity.  For example, if you find yourself with an opportunity to write a press release, for an individual, rather than for a business, and you are not really interested in working for yourself, DO NOT TURN DOWN THE OPPORTUNITY TO DO THE PRESS RELEASES.  I say this because in 2012 a lot of people have lost the ability to think outside of the box.  Just because you don’t want to work for yourself, doesn’t mean you can’t take the opportunity to gain more experience.  When you do interview for that “job”, there are about 100 other people with  the same qualifications as you.  However, out of those 100 other people, you are the only one possessing outer world experience.  You have actually done work for other people, for individuals willing to pay you for your work, and that is what places you above the rest.

I hope these tips help you and remember, you can be successful you  just have to be willing to work smarter and harder for it.

Elizabeth Jamey is the owner of Sophisticated Soiree, an all-purpose event planning business, and Elizabeth Jamey Consulting, a consulting business geared towards customizing each job towards each client.  If you are interested in learning more, please feel free to contact her at, or visit her websites at and at

Like this post?  Want to see more? Have any tips or ideas for upcoming posts?  Well if so, then you can contact Elizabeth-Jamey by filling out the form below.


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