You Are Your Brand, Guard it With Your Life

Remember the old saying, “Birds of a Feather, Flock Together?” Yeah well that saying can be applied to your business as well.  Basically, you are your brand, and if you don’t have any respect in the industry you work in, then neither will your business.  Below are some tips to remember when building your brand:

  1. Reputation – Everyone knows your reputation is important, and it is the same for your business.  Once you decide to become an entrepreneur you have to understand whatever your personal reputation is, it will transfer over to your business reputation.
  2. Customer Service – It’s an age old saying; word of mouth is vital for success.  If you don’t provide good customer service, don’t expect to have any customers in the future.
  3. Quality over Quantity – Recently it’s become popular to buy ‘likes’ on Facebook or followers on Twitter, but business owners need to remember that customers are smart.  They will not trust someone who hasn’t taken the time to build their brand the right way.
  4. First Impressions Are Important, but so are second, and third, and fourth – Yes, first impressions are important.  However, many business owners and employees forget,  just because they gave great service to a customer the first time, doesn’t mean they don’t have to give great service to them again and again and again.  All it takes is one bad experience for a customer to not come back and to trash the business to everyone they know, and with blogs becoming so popular, your business could tank much faster.
  5. Give a Little to Get a Little – You know you are good, and your current clients know you are good, but this new client knows nothing about you, so try to be mindful of their past experiences, just like you expect them to be mindful of your past experiences.

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